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Pieskowa SkalaThis spectacular visitor's attraction is located in a green valley. It's very close to city of Krakow – you will make it in 30 minutes by bus. The building boasts an stunning historical background.

It used to stand for being the ‘Eagles Nests’ that was to save the country. It’s pretty old as it dates back to fourteen century but despite many changes over the time its gorgeous structure is maintained till present.

What you can appreciate outside are a fine gateway and arresting yard. In opposition, the the inside space offers the delightful art exposition. It followss a few time periods starting from the medieval time. Arrive here and enjoy this splendid setting in Pieskowa Skala Castle.
auschwitz museumAt the time of the tour in the Auschwitz museum and memorial one will be shown a great deal single objects used in every-day being by those who were imprisoned the camp. Every single object tells the sad history of surviving and distress in the extermination camp.

What you may expect to see in the exhibit are abundance of private objects of the victims which were collected and saved after the execution like spectacles, brushes, cases and others. The collection also presents the deportees' attempts to preserve their human character in spite of the inconceivably severe and barbarous surroundings they had to try to live in.

You will find it in the poems, paintings and a good deal of other interesting traces. Many individual belongings of SS soldiers are also presented in the exposition. Let’s arrive to Auschwitz-Birkenau and get a broader understanding of the cruelty of living inside the concentration camp.

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wieliczka salt mine near krakowWieliczka Salt Mine, which belongs to one of the greatest attractions in Poland, offers the interesting path for guests from all around the world. Obviously any tourist may be impressed getting to know the entire Wieliczka mine length which is approximately three hundred km.

Be prepared to find marvelous rooms, magical subsurface lakes, original means as well as some devices on the path. Also many traces of heavy mining chore expressively depict the hardness of their work. also, anyone without doubt will admire numerous tips of mining labor and also immense salt hand-made items, creations and so on.

By the end of the route you will remain inside the group of chamber spaces where you can purchase several unforgettable souvenirs. What’s interesting, it is advisable for allergiques and respiratory tract sufferers to stay on and breathe in deep the therapeutic, salt air. Come up and discover this fantastic attraction belowground!

View Polish mountains

Tatry tourThis highest mountain tract inside the Carpathian Mountains is placed along Polish-Slovak boundary. They feature the highest mountain tops which are 2655 meters above sea level Gerlach in Slovak Republic and 2499 meters high Rysy at Polish side. The entire range's extent extends on fifty-three kilometers.

Tatra area is especiallextremely touristed amid holidaymakers who besides head for nearby Zakopane town. The magnificent views, fresh setting but also fantastic skiing and hiking setting are what makes this place so special. Whatever your needs are, in Tatras tourists can besides walk, go for a bicycle, paraglide or choose some other leisure activity you prefers.

Don’t forget to come across wonderful lake ‘Morskie Oko’ (‘Sea Eye’) as you’re in the locality. Another must-see in Tatra Mountains is Kasprowy Peak where you can take a cable car and also soak many breathtaking panoramas. get to the This wonderful Tatra mountains and take satisfaction of the numerous attractions it provides!
Auschwitz death campThis museum placed on the south of Poland, in the Oświęcim town, forms the fine commemoration where you would see the German extermination camps KL I Auschwitz and Auschwitz II - Birkenau. The sad record of the killings performed there in the course of World Word II is commemorated in that place. The Auschwitz State Museum was established in in the middle of nineteenth century and further on is placed in a few real locations. The surrounding expanse extends on 191 hectars.

Guests are shown original construction, and also with the famous railway ramp and the barrier, besides with many other remarkable objects needed in casual experience by those who suffered there like brushes, pieces of clothes and so on.

Currently, the display shows the all year exhibit along with the temporal ones giving honour to the existence of those who were killed there and were coming from different countries. Many of visitors each season make it the most usually entered former Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp among the whole Europe.
czestochowa The sacred icon of the Madonna with little Jesus on Her breast is the most religious and time-honoured relic by the whole group of the Polish Catholics and also the Orthodox believers. What is more the symbol is treated as the national symbol of Poland.

It has a protracted history, till presentnot precisely cleared, but Saint Luke is believed to have been an author of the icon which he made on the table coming from the house of the Holy Family. Some other fable points on the Pauline monks coming from Republic of Hungary who probably got the icon in 1382 on Jasna Góra.

The Black Madonna is most often associatedwith being in possesion of astonishing powers. at the time of the historical Deluge in XVII century, The Black Madonna gave the hand to get the Swedish intrusion back. As the tales and stories express the Black Madonna of Czestochowa protected the church building from getting demolished by the massive burning. These are the reasons why The Black Madonna of Czestochowa was royaled the Queen and Defender of Poland by the King John II Kazimierz Vasa in 1656.
concentration camp auschwitzThe Auschwitz Birkenau extinction camp is perceived by many people as the real demontration of the Holocaust as it is often referred to when talking about the biggest and most famous extermination camps amid Europe. The camp was functioning in 1940-ies after Poland was grabbed by the German Nazis and right away became the focal target of massive death of firstly Jews. some other fatalities came from Poland, Soviet Republic and plenty of different countries.

Germans used to label Polish Oświęcim - Auschwitz and then the surrounding little village Brzezinka as Birkenau. Not less than 3 million people are thought to have been killed on the spot, mainly in the way of having been gassed.

A great deal of other have passed away due to starvation, exerting toil, infectious illneses andvas well as perilous surgical experiments. Let’s visit Auschwitz and reflect upon those who ended their existence there in an unthinkable pain.

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Facts about Krakow Balice airport

transfer from airportThe official name of the Krakow Balice airport is Krakow Airport im. Jana Pawla II. This international airport is situated approx. eleven km from the city centre. The concern called Miadzynarodowy Port Lotniczy im. Jana Pawła II Krakow - Balice sp. z. o.o. is a present administrator of the airport.

Taking into account the total number of people and flights it’s the second largest airport in Poland, only behind the one in the capital city. There are great hopes for the expansion of the Krkaow Balice airport. Approx. eight mln potential passengers lives about 100km from the airport, moreover additionally it is situated on the very busy communication route. Balice airport is particularly comfortably getatable thanks to to many of trasportation firms providing Krakow airport transfer straight to all hotels in city cnetre.

Within forthcoming twenty years there is going to be a development of the airport. The previous prognoses were claiming that the airport will improve from 3,5 million passengers in 2015, to 6,5mln ten years later. Right now it is obvious that the development is definitely faster than it was estimated in the past.

Sightseeing path in Salt Mine Wieliczka.

salt mines wieliczkaIt is estimated that year after year thousands of visitors decide to see Wieliczka. The salt mine reaching a depth of 327 meters and being over 300 km long is certainly a wonderful attraction for everyone. During the tour tourists have opportunity to cover a distance of over 3,5 km route full of mythical forms and historical statues.

The focal point of a tour is ravishing oratory carved out by mine’s workers. In the centre point of the chapel there hang a beautiful rocky chandelier with objects made from the whitest, ice-like salt. The guided Wieliczka Salt Mine tour include, among other things, entering the exhibitions showing the history of Wieliczka, a subterranean water reservoir and interesting room with the faces sculptured as to resemble timbre.

It is important to allude that present-day visitors to Wieliczka Salt Mine may walk the route that was ranged beforehand by many prominent men like for example Bolesław Prus (who, by the way, was inspired there to write the Labyrinth scenes from his famous historical book ‘Pharaoh’), J.G. Goethe, Nicolaus Copernicus, Karol Wojtyła, Bill Clinton and Ignacy Paderewski.
wieliczka salt mineThe Crystal Caves Nature Reserve is set in the ravishing Wieliczka Salt Mine which is one of the vastest and most original mines among Europe. This unusual display is placed 70-114 meters beneath the surface. The exquisite display is specially valuable for the distinguishing examples of crystals of halite.

What makes them be even more brilliant is their large, virtually unimaginable size. Visitors are welcome to besides find and admire different salt crystals which are rigorously protected owing to their important worth and rarity. Be sure to come across the Crystal Caves Nature Reserve while travelling to the Wieliczka Salt Mine – you would love it!

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